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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  December 22, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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this way, our next round moves in tomorrow and double scan life showing a break in the action and the rain from earlier moves up from the northeast and low clouds and fog developing tonight, still a damp night and wider view showing we have a conveyer belt of moisture and that is pulling in some steady rain tomorrow, and heavy at times, and a big travel day, future tracker showing by 11:00, this is when the steady rain really moves in and that is lasting right into the afternoon and even into the evening hours, we have waves of rain, tomorrow don't forget the umbrella and take it slowly and allow plenty of extra time for travels and dense fog for traveling and a soaking rain an inch of rain and the heaviest at 11:00 in the morning and 5:00 in the evening and we have more rain tomorrow night, so that will cause a lot of flooding.
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bumping the temperatures up we have three days of near record warmth, tomorrow 66 and that ties the record high likely hit that tomorrow night, on christmas eve we get the surge of very warm air, 76 degrees, shattering the record high of 64 than is an all time december record and then even on christmas day, behind a cold front tying the record high of 68 degrees, each day we'll see a round of rain i'll talk about the timing coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. with rain expected to come and go over the next few days, check back at, make the power of storm tracker 6 live radar part of your holiday planning process. now to new developments in the case a psychiatrist found murdered in a center city hold emroom.
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they have a person of interest in custody. howard baker checked in at 3:00 p.m. sunday, surveillance cameras show baker brought two men into his room at separate times throughout the day, the next morning the housekeeper found baker's body naked with a leather belt around his neck. chad pradelli is following the investigation today license have the latest coming up at 6:00. the gunman that shot and killed a man while walking his dog last night remains on the loose, it happened just before 7:30, on it's 300 block of horton street in west philadelphia, the 20-year-old victim was shot once in the head and died at the scene. that person has not been identified. >> a one-on-one aid at a gloucester township middle school is arrested on charges she sexually assaulted a student, he she is accused of sexually engaging in sex acts
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with a male student for two years. >> reporter: rick that aide no longer works at the middle school behind me, but prosecutors say she did during the alleged sexual misconduct, the parents i talked to are outraged and disappointed. >> an ultimate trust betrayed. a school aide is accused of sexually assaulting a former student. >> this is happening way to often in this district. it's very upsetting, parents are disturbed after prosecutors say that 41-year-old jennifer pasquarella engaged in sexual misconduct and the victim was just 14 at the time. >> it's disgusting, i don't know. i am just glad that my children are almost done. >> parents whose children attend the school are outraged police
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didn't say where but confirm that the alleged crimes happened off school property. and now they wonder is there any place safe for kids. >> i don't know how much more the schools can do, they have locks on the doors. >> sources tell "action news" that the suspect lives not far from the school in this neighborhood on roberts drive and worked at ann mullen middle school. they released a statement saying they are sad and dispointsed on allegations of misconduct and the district terminated the aide. >> it's sad that an adult would behave this way and even sadder for the students. that is a mark that will never go away. >> it is too early to know if there are any victimed out there and they would not elaborate on what led to the arrest, and that the suspect is in jail and the
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bail is set at $300,000. live tonight in blackwood, new jersey, gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. to new york now where police say that a worker was shot out sides of a rolex store at a mall in rhode island. it happened in garden city and one person was taken into custody and the 66-year-old victim remains in critical condition, the mall was filled with shoppers when the gun fire erupted and the mall was not evacuated or put on lockdown, it was a chaotic scene with people running everywhere. the sheert is not identified and the motive is unknown. army sergeant bowe bergdahl faced a military judge for the first time today. he faces a possible life sentence for disappearing from a base in 2009, he deferred a plea and has not decided if he wants to face a court marshall with or
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without a jury. he was released by the taliban after five years part of a prisoner swap and other soldiers died in connection with trying to rescue bergdahl. he says he was young and done when he loaned a han gun to one of the boston marathon bombing suspects. he was stepsed today in boston to the 17 months he had already served. he says that dzhokhar tsarnaev told him he wanted the gun to rob college students and silva said he knew nothing about the bomber's plans. well, "action news" got an up close look at safety measures in place on train tracks in new york city and washington, d.c., the action cam was at the training facility in wilmington where special machines are set up to train engineers on the new
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safety predaugss, also known as positive train control, it uses trance ponders to track the speed and location of the train everywhere on the corridor. reporter, john rawlins will have more coming up on this at 6:00. time now for the "action news" traffic report. matt pellman is always on the right track when it comes to the commute home. how is he looking? well, maybe we'll do traffic. >> lets try it again matt pellman -- >> there we go, your eyes are trained on the roosevelt
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boulevard where speeds are slow, the northbound and southbound side are locked up at the normal spot from the schuylkill to broad street, you may want to use the southbound side of the boulevard instead of lincoln drive, there is a crash there at wissahickon avenue, and a pole came down and traffic lights are out at 50th and chestnut. not an intersection you want to be in this afternoon. in delco, an accident at marple township the blue rude and one along sprole road. and this is 202, typical slow speeds from 209 to 21. and we are still getting used to that new traffic pattern, elsewhere in chester county, and east bradford look for a crash at hills down road at bradford avenue and one in east goshen at five points road, and a vehicle
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flipped over at strasburg road and youngfield road. and a crash took out the construction zone but speeds are slow off the walt whitman bridge and look for a wreck at cherry wood drive. we'll check it again coming up in the next half hour. >> thank you matt. santa claus made a special appearance in camden bringing joy, excitement and gifts to several boys and girls whose parents were struggling financially, "action news" reporter annie mccormick was there and filed this report. >> merry christmas everybody! >> santa -- i am totally freaked out. i like santa he is the best. >> santa came with plenty of toys going room to room. >> one two three!
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>> reporter: students tore into their presents and some got a one-on-one request from santa. >> a toy train. >> and santa cannot do all of this alone, he needs elves and the elves are the teachers, we wrapped a lot of presentses, we were the elves to help santa, and we talked about special visitors, we have all been very, very good this year. the elves gave santa a list to check twice. for the staff the joy on the kids' faces is the best friend they could get in return. >> you got play doh? >> just the love you get from the children, they are the best and they appreciate the littlest things and sometimes we are not appreciative of what we have been they appreciate the little things. >> hi mom! >> merry christmas.
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in camden, annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." >> a natural right. >> hi mom. great story and there is more to come on "action news" at 5:00, infertility plagues couples but in vitro has been proven to help. looking live from sky 6 hd lots of clouds hanging over the ben franklin bridge this evening and we have more rain in store tomorrow and meteorologist, cecily tynan, is back with the full forecast just ahead. that and much more when "action news" at 5:00 continues in just a moment. first, another holiday greeting from one of our troops. >> hi this is agent coons, i'm sending a message back to mom i love you and miss you.
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turning to health check tonight, seven u.s. senators are taking action against the makers and sellers against electronic cigarettes, ali gorman is at the big board with the details on this move. >> this is aimed at the companies that make and sell the
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liquid nicotine used in the e-cigarettes, they are making them stop using the royceable names of food and candy, and teens and kids are drawn to the names and candy like flavors but they don't realize the dangers of nicotine. and called for ingesting nicotine has skyrocketed in resenyears. there is encouragement for families using ivf, the chances for success goes up with more full cycles, most couples stop at three or four fail as tempted but researches say that trying again and again may be the trick. >> women who are under 40 and using their own eggs within the first cycle the success rate was
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33% and remained over 20% by the sixth cycle cumulative life birth rate of 68%. >> but while this is encouraging the study did not look at risks with multiple cycles or the costs that can be tens of thousands of dollars. and finally today if are you a runner or thinking of becoming a runner in the new year, research shows it's not just good for your heart and lungs it's also good for your brain. all forms of exercise generate morements mental -- and can spark the growth of nerve cells and can help with memory and lacing up can make decision making and planning and organizationing easier and
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running can help prevent depression and you don't have to go fast or far, just as long as you are moving and getting your heart rate up, if you are just getting started, you will want to check with are you health care provider first. see rick you don't have to go fast or far. >> and it helps with your brain, i need all the help i can get. city councilman johnson played santa today and joined community leaders to make the holidays brighter and they surprised two dozen kids with bicycles and toys just in time for christmas. oh remotes, you've had it tough.
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i want to be able to impact a community, to reach back to where i came from, and pull some people up with me. my name is david, and i am your dividend. stocks for chipotle mexican grill's stocks fell after more reports about their food. diners have tested positive for a new strain of e. coli, this along with people in oklahoma that tested positive for the same strain, health officials are looking for the specific
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source that caused the outbreak. ford is recalling 40,000 older large cars because the headlights can go dark and cause a crash and the recall covers ford crown victoria, and a mercury grand marquee car and the joints in the lighting control module can crack and cut off power to the headlights, ford knows of 11 crashes and one minor injury because of this problem. a motorcade delivered dinners today to the families of fallen police officers, that includes the wife and children of bratd fox that was killed during the line of duty in plymouth township. the officers travelled to gilbertsville to drop off the food this morning.
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time now for accuweather at "action news" big board. cecily tynan is giving an update on the soggy weather and christmas eve we get a sizzle after the drizzle. >> and a drizzle after the sizzle. we have another round of rain on christmas eve that is when the temperatures spike in the 70s, looking live at philadelphia international airport from sky 6, the runways are glistening thanks to the earlier rain when have delays thanks to the low
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cloud ceilings, philadelphia reporting delays up to two hours, and boston delays and new work and jfk reporting delays. temperatures show though that it feels more like spring than the first day of winter, 60 in philadelphia our average high is 43 and allentown 54 and wilmington 59 and cape may mild and 56 degrees, for tonight plenty of clouds and mild, and i don't expect a lot of rain tonight and the problem is, with the light winds and the moisture in the ground, and in the air we have areas of dense fog developing and that causes problems for the morning commute, 44 is the low in the sub ub usuals and a mild 52, the steady light rain we had earlier has moved on still plenty of clouds and what is going on there is a stalled frontal
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boundary and a wave of pressure developing along the warm front, that pulls the moisture in through the day tomorrow, future tracker showing tomorrow morning at 7:30, plenty of clouds and more organized moisture and a few clouds to the area south and west and look at what happens at lunch time, a steady rain overspreading our region and that continues into the evening hours and temperatures climb tomorrow night, at 5:00, 61 degrees and by 9:00 another round of rain is possible and 65 degrees, and we'll likely tie the record high of 66 degrees, that will come tomorrow night and that comes after all of this rain, pretty good agreement between the computer models we are looking at around an inch of rain during the day tomorrow, a good soaking and the fog that slows things down. the five-day at 5:00 showing things 66 degrees, we reach that tomorrow night after the soaking rain and fog on christmas eve,
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blow torch, 76 degrees an all time record high for the month of december and a cold front moves through in the evening and that bring a round of rain and perhaps a thunderstorm, dropping the temperatures somewhat on christmas day and it ties the record high and sunshine earlier and increasing clouds and rain friday night that continues through the day on saturday, a wet day on saturday, 56 on sunday, another record high, the record high is 64 and it looks like we'll easily set a record high of 68 degrees despite more clouds and rain and early next week i'm tracking somewhat cooler air and more rain, i'll have details on that in the full accuweather forecast. doesn't look like christmas time at all. >> thanks cecily.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again monica is off and sharrie williams is joining us tonight and here is what is happening on "action news." a little berks county girl
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dreaming of being a ballerina is shot in the leg in her parent's car. and a risk of escape plan for a robber, we'll tell you if his tumble played off. the head of space x thinks mars is possible after launching and landing a rocket. a so-year-old girl has a long road to recovery after being shot in both legs while sitting in her mother's car, walter perez spoke to the girl's father today and brings us her story. the 10-year-old victim's father asked not to reveal his identity says his daughter is having a hard time dealing with what happened. he says she is traumatized and doesn't want to come home from the hospital, he adds it's hard for him too, because he works nights and feels guilty he was not there to protect his family.
5:31 pm
she was in the passenger side of the vehicle when her mother was circle their block looking for a parking spot. that is when someone opened fire and two bullets hit her legs and one remains lodged in her thigh bone. she says she is all but the certain this is some kind of accidents, the 10-year-old and her parents have lived here for a long time and never had a problem with anyone. and family members say that doctors at reading hospital are still deciding whether to surgically remove the bullet from her thigh bone or leave it there. the dad says it's tough because his daughter is taking dance lessons and wants to be a ballerina, he says quote, now we don't know how it will effect her act to walk much less dance, we are taking it day by day and praying for the best.
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>> and doctors say the decision on whether to remove the bullet, depends on what doctors believe will cost the least harm. anybody with information on this is asked to call reading police. philadelphia police have made an arrest in a triple shooting. nelson is in custody and charged with murder, he was watching the eagles game inside of a garage on west oak lane, nelson opened fire after an argument, two people were killed and two others were injured. a man was killed when hit by a vehicle many montgomery county, on route 130 in edge water park, the driver that struck the man remained on the scene. no word on how it happened or if charges will be filed . now coverage of the presidential campaign, donald
5:33 pm
trump unleashed an attack on hillary clinton using foul and offensive language, it comes as his closest competitor is closing in. >> reporter: on the trail in iowa today hillary clinton again says donald trump's language is helping terrorists recruit. >> it is playing into the hands of the violent jihadists. >> the democratic frontrunner refusing to respond to trump's latest attack involving a sexual sexually derogtive term on how she was beat by barack obama. trump is now mocking the claim. >> isis is on video and they are using him to recruit. >> a new quinnipiac university poll says that trump may need to take aim at someone else, ted cruz is catching up just 4
5:34 pm
points behind trump nationally, he is careful not to criticize his rival when asked about the d disparaging remarks about clinton. but carly fiorina, in a radio interview, has been called derogtory names. >> that new poll found that 50% of americans would be embarrassed if donald trump was president and that number is higher among women. channel 6 "action news." another black eye for the secret service tonight, now an agent's gun, badge, radio and handcuffs and flash drive were stolen out of his car, it happened in broad daylight in downtown washington, d.c., the agent works in the presidential protective division, they will not say what is on the usb but
5:35 pm
that it is encrypted. it's a tough few years for the secret service, from security lapses and bad behavior. the victims of the newtown connecticut shooting, will split a million dollars. they say that nancy lanza failed to secure the rifle that her son adam used to kill 20 students and he killed his mother and then killed himself afterwards, the settlement comes from $1.6 million. it comes from nancy lanza's homeowners insurance. a woman accused of killing one and injuring dozens when she drove on to a las vegas sidewalk, she was homeless and out of money and sleeping in her car, she did not explain why she
5:36 pm
drove up on the sidewalk with the 3-year-old daughter inside. she parked at a casino a couple of blocks away and told the attendant she ran over people. she is charged with felony hit and run and child abuse. members of delaware university were on the sidewalk and they are recovering from their injuries and expected to arrive home today. the family of sandra bland is asking to see the texas ranger report on her death. bland died after being arrested in a traffic stop, the medical examiner ruled bland's death a suicide but her family file aid wrongful death lawsuit. and that employees at the jail will not face charges in connection with her death, they are skeptical about the grand jury proceedings because they were kept out of the loop.
5:37 pm
hundreds will have a better holiday because of several community organizations in delaware county. the group led by the management association delivered a pile of presents to the coatesville affairs medical center this morning, they have been collecting the gifts since october. time to get an update tonight and tomorrow say busy one tonight as well. >> not a lot of gifts for you this evening at least not a lot of good news, bucks county, this is 95 southbound side a sluggish pace from yardley to 322, there is an accident on the shoulder attracting attention and slowing us down and giving us a 20 minute travel time that should be 18 or 19 minutes, elsewhere in bristol, downed wires closing down fayette drive, stick with 13 the bristol bypass to get around that, and the vine street, eastbound wall-to-wall traffic from the schuylkill 95 approaching the schuylkill and
5:38 pm
the vine will close again tonight at 11:00 for construction, last night of that before the construction crews holiday break, we are watching a crash in yaden at bullock avenue, the downed pole and traffic prubls at 50th and chestnut to watch out for. and one get along westchester pike at the blue route 476 and one in springfield township and one along bishop avenue and one in skippack by the wall green as long german town pike. a lot of stuff we are watching this afternoon, rick and sharrie back to you. >> more to come on "action news" tuesday night. a real life drink is cutting the cord on the christmas season, and the search is on for the vandal that is deflating the vandal's holiday spirit. and a dangerous get away, the risky move he decided to make when cornered near a slater.
5:39 pm
>> tracking more rounds of rain on the way and we'll talk about not one but three days of record warmth on the way, details in the accuweather forecast. >> game day for the temple owls, they cap off a season with a trip to the boca raton bowl. but first a holiday greeting from our troops. >> hi i'm captain john, stations in korea, i want to wish a merry christmas to my mother evelyn and father john and brother nicholas in wrightstown, new jersey, happy holidays i'll see you in 2016, go rutgers.
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a suspected thief trying to make a one for it ends up falling face first off a skate escalators, they corner him at the escalator after he was changing price tags at a macy's, is he still facing charges. a grinch stole thousands of
5:43 pm
presents and people are pitching in for than $20,000 worth of presents were taken from a precinct, after local students heard what happened they donated a pair of bicycles and now the united way is hoping to earn $20,000 to give each child a gift to open for christmas. and now police are trying to track down a vandal, wires were cut on outdoor christmas decorations in why croft, bergan county, they say that the vandals responsible will face criminal charges. a family driver lesson ended with a violent struggle. a woman was try together teach her son the stick shift when an armed man jumped in the car and told them to dry, a struggle
5:44 pm
broke out and the woman was shot in the leg, a passerby saw it happen and helped to hold the gunman until the deputies got there. it's called a giant leap for space travel, space x successfully launched a rocket and returned it to earth, this one called the falcon 9 was built to be able to withstand the heat and land vertically, the ceo of space x says the success say big step forward to be able to establish a city on mars. >> you moving to mars. >> do you want me to move to mars. >> i would be sad if you moved away. you are out of this world rick. >> that makes up for it. >> sunday should prove that the eagles have a lot to fix before the do or die against the red skins, erick roe and byron
5:45 pm
maxwell did not practice after giving up 800 yards to a rookie and coordinator bill davis is taking heat for his unit's performance describes their mood like this. >> they are disappointed and embarrassed and we did not play our best football when are determined to play it against the red skins. >> i am confident and excited, like we just talked about playoff time starts this week for us and every game counts, we wouldn't have it no other way. >> i bet demarco murray would have it another way, the $40 million had three carries for three whole yards. >> at the end of the day, you have to be in a position to make the playoffs and that is where a lot of people's focus is, and i can only control what i can
5:46 pm
control and whenever i get in i have to make the best of it. >> today is the day, tonight is the night, temple toledo the boca bowl time. the owls will try to win their 11th game for the first time in school history and they are a 1.5 point favorite tonight, but what an amazing year it has been for the temple owls. >> we made it to a bowl game and we are in the top 25 and won 10 games and the first time to win 11 in school history and several players got individual awards and seven players made all conference and we beat penn state for the first time in 72 years, you so big moments, i enjoyed my time with them i have great kids on the team. and the 1-26 sixers host the grizzly tonight at the wells fargo center, and st. joes took on virginia tech in a double
5:47 pm
header, it was the miles show, he added 15 rebounds and his fourth double-double, and hawks of the hokies 79-62, they are 9-2 and the flyers played their final home game of 2015, and the game winner after they came back from a 3-1 deficit and they play again on sunday in anaheim, and they are 8-2-2. so keep it going. more to come on "action news" tuesday night. hundreds gathered at the site of an ancient ruin. we'll tell you what this ceremony is all about. >> taking a look at sky 6 hd there you go a look from the temple camera across the city skyline. cecily tynan is coming up with
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hundreds of people descended on stone hedge and many dressed in druid costumes to see the sunrise on this day, which is the shortest day of the year,
5:51 pm
but it was a cloudy day and stonehenge is believed to be 5,000 years old and is aligned with the sun. >> cecily was singing i'm dreaming of a warm christmas. >> i was. i can hear the channel. we are going have a warm christmas though and somewhat wet, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that we are getting a break in the action with the rain tonight but it's still damp out there, and plenty of clouds and fog will develop in the overnight hours and take look a look at these temperatures, it doesn't feel like the first day of winter, 59 in philadelphia, hour high was 61, the normal high is 43, allentown 54 and wilmington 59 and trenton 60 and sea isle city 66 degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar showing that the rain from earlier today has lifted up to the north and east, and if you
5:52 pm
look to the south though we have a conveyer belt of moisture, that will pull up more rain tomorrow and some of it will be heavy at times, 8:30 to 6:30 in the morning, lots of clouds and low clouds and fog and temperatured quite mild already in the low to mid-50s and then at 10:30, the steadier rain continues to move non-it will be with us right into the afternoon hours, by 4:00 heavy rain north of philadelphia, 61 degrees and temperatures really spike tomorrow night around 9:00 another round of rain could move through and the temperatures up into the mid to upper 60s, we will likely tie our record high for tomorrow of 66 and that will happen during the night and it's not going to be a pretty day, travel forecast tomorrow, a big travel day, fog and rain causes problemed around the
5:53 pm
mid-atlantic and here we are looking at an inch of rain here, and what this warm front will do, is lift it through the area, it opens the door for a surge of extremely warm air, we are looking at temperatures 25 to 35 degrees above average and ahead of that cold front on christmas eve, to put this in perspective, i think santa is wearing shorts and short-sleeves. the norm a high 42 and the record 64 and the all time december high temperature for philadelphia, 73, i am forecasting a high of 76 that will break all the records, the warmest december day on record for philadelphia. so the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow we'll be warm, 66 degrees and reaching that tomorrow night and ahead of it though, fog with soaking rain and thursday christmas eve we see a mixture of clouds and sunshine and 66 degrees is the record high and during the night a cold front moves in and that brings another
5:54 pm
round of rain and perhaps a rumble of thunder and drop the temperatures on christmas day and tieing a record high, then rain develops late in the afternoon and friday night than rain sticks around for us on saturday. saturday is going to be cooler and damp and 66 degrees and sunday warm again and another record high of 68 and we dial back the temperature to 50 degrees on monday and periods of rain and mostly cloudy and a little bit milder with more rain, 57 degrees so the entire next week, the next seven days, above average temperature and every day we'll have at least a chance of some rain. >> it's warmer here than it is in los angeles. >> it's cold out west and tahoe has three feet of snow. >> everything is backwards. with the rain expected to come and go the next few day, check back at, make storm tracker 6 live radar
5:55 pm
part of your holiday planning process. there is more to come on "action news" tonight. >> if only trading stocks was as easy as a slam dunk, the harlem globe trotters take to the floor of the new york stock exchange. oh remotes, you've had it tough.
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here is something you don't see on the floor of the normally serious stock exchange, the harlem globe trotters took over dunking and shooting from the floor, they marked the 90th year, the first time since the stock exchange was founded that basketball was played on the floor. it was a up day on wall street maybe they should come back. now the "action news" team is standing by with these stories next. philadelphia police are waiting to answer a person of interest in connection with a philadelphia psychiatrist found dead in a hotel. and the family of an air man killed in afghanistan talk about
5:58 pm
his life and their loss. that and much more coming up next. for adam joseph, cecily tynan, monica malpass, sharrie williams, i'm rick williams join me next for "action news" at 6:00.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> tuesday night and jim is off and i'm rick williams. a school aide from south
6:00 pm
jersey is under arrest for a relationship with a student. but a person of interest in custody in connection with the murder of a philadelphia psychiatrist. they identified the person as howard baker, police say he was strangled and robbed. police tell "action news" that they do have a person of interesting and are waiting to question him tonight. with more on that chad pradelli is live at philadelphia police headquarters. >> reporter: that is right rick, a source tells me that person of interest is in custody, he was picked up yesterday on a parole violation but homicide detectives here in philadelphia are awaiting his arrival to question him and learn more about what happened in that hotel room. >> investigators say that howard baker was strangled inside of his room at the roadway inn at 12th and waln


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